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Design Bibliography Database
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About DBDB

Proposed by Dr. Jorge Angeles in the Fall of 2002, the Design Bibliography Database (DBDB) is the result of the collaboration between Dr. Angeles, Dr. Alexei Morozov of McGill University's NSERC Design Engineering Chair Staff, and the McGill University Library, including Marika Asimakopulos, Liaison Librarian at the Schulich Library of Science and Engineering, and the Digital Collections Program.

The DBDB Project is intended to provide an engine for designers, scholars and researchers to contribute published and unpublished citations in the field of Design.

The DBDB is not intended to duplicate the work of the two recognized abstracting and indexing services used by the engineering community: INSPEC and Compendex. Rather, it will serve as a focused resource providing the research community with easy access to past and current literature on the subject.

The Digital Collections Program, in particular David McKnight (Director 1996-2006), and Elizabeth Thomson developed the data model, technical infrastructure and web site, with additional support provided by Marika Asimakopulos and two students in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Julia Smocot and Jessica Ouvrard. The responsibility for maintaining the database and the editing of new submitted records falls to the staff of the Faculty of Engineering NSERC Design Engineering Chair.

Over time, the Design Bibliography Database will grow in size as contributors recognize the importance of this research tool and the need to share information in a timely manner.

The Search engine for DBDB is highly versatile and allows users to search the almost 2,000 currently-available records by author, title, conference location, and keyword, as well as limiting by subject, document type and language.

  • Caveat:
  • The search engine is case-insensitive only for English and French. For all other languages, the engine is, as yet, case-sensitive.