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About the database

The DBDB database contains both entries drawn from two standard bibliographies in Design engineering, and entries which have been submitted by contributors using the Contribution Form. The provenance of each entry is indicated in Source.

You may perform either a Basic or an Advanced search. Search results can be filtered using additional criteria. Search results can also be sorted by Author, Title, or Date. You may also save or email your search results.

Although the DBDB administration makes every effort to verify the content of contributed entries, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Also, in the case of websites, please note that the DBDB administration does not guarantee that a website listed in an entry will be regularly maintained and serviced.

Any person who participated in the creation of a work can be searched using the Author field. This may include editors, co-authors, translators, etc.

Keywords are only supplied for entries which have been submitted by contributors using the Contribution Form. Every effort has been made to supply descriptive keywords in English. Keywords in languages other than English which have may been supplied by contributors using the Contribution Form are retained.

Subjects are drawn from the Compendex/Inspec thesaurus.

Source: indicates the provenance of the bibliographic record.

An entry of "Siddall" refers to:
Siddall, J.N., Department of Mechanical Engineering "References for Mechanical Design", McMaster UNIVERSITY MARCH 1966.
An entry of "Hubka and Eder " refers to:
Design science: introduction to needs, scope and organization of engineering design knowledge / Vladimir Hubka and W. Ernst Eder. Published Berlin; New York: Springer, c1996.
An entry of "Contributed" means that the entry was submitted by a contributor using the Contribution Form.


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When searching for authors please enter last name first, use a comma to separate last name from initials.

E.g.: Smith, G. M.

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You can filter search results using additional criteria such as: Author, Title, Language, Date or Document Type.

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